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3 Simple Steps To Sell Your House Fast

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Fill Out the Form

Simply fill out the form to the right. Once you submit the information, I will receive it in my inbox.

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I Contact You to See the House

I will set up a time to come by and see your house when it is convenient for you. While at the house, I will be able to calculate a fair offer to buy your house based on what repairs the house needs. Once we agree on a price and date to close, we will sign a Purchase and Sale Agreement that I will take to the title company.

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You Get Cash!

Closings are handled by a local title company. Once the paperwork is ready, we close at the title company on the date we agreed upon and you receive your money directly to your bank account.


The process only takes a couple of minutes and there is absolutely no-obligation.

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"You bought my house as-is and I could not be happier. I was in a difficult situation not being able to fix up the house to get it ready for sale and now, I’m so relieved and ready to move on. Thank you Denis!"

Frank Myers